Odours and Air Quality

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Odour Quantification

By taking samples and conducting an olfactometric analysis of emissions, we can identify the main contribution sources of this odour and evaluate the effectiveness of corrective measures.

- We analyse the causes and odour emission sources of all kinds of activities.


- We collect samples using the most suitable technology for the type of emission source (one-off, superficial or in ambient air).


- We quantify the odour's most characteristic parameters: odour concentration (o.u.E/m3), intensity (very weak-very strong), hedonic tone (not very-very unpleasant), etc.


- We assess the effectiveness of corrective measures: we objectively consider the effectiveness of odour emission reduction measures and we assess the cost-effectiveness ratio: process equipment performance (scrubbers, biofilters, etc.) and performance of odour neutralisers and masking agents.


- Additionally, we can determine chemical pollutant emissions.