Odours and Air Quality

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Environmental Impact

We use dispersion models to calculate the odour concentration in immission in the surrounding environment of the issuing activity, and we conduct credited odour inspections to evaluate the frequency at which the various odours from one area are perceived.

- Dispersion modelling: we assess the areas that are affected most by the activity and what levels of odour are present, by applying specific models for simulating the real odour dispersion, with Tropos Impact, Aermod, Calpuff etc. software. We also determine the atmospheric dispersion of chemical pollutants emitted by the activity.


- Preparing odour maps: we evaluate the interference of odours in particular areas, on the basis of German standard VDI 3940:2006 on the determination of odours in ambient air. We conduct analyses on odour frequencies and intensities, with qualified personnel, to detect and identify the actual odours in an area. We prepare maps that reveal the percentage of time that each type of odour in the surrounding environment is perceived.