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LegalStrengths, is a pioneering area that offers an innovative legal consultancy service, which is also supported by the technical areas of STRENGTHS. Also, over the years it has gained solid experience in legal assistance, legal procedures and in supporting public administration offices.

The area is made up of a team of lawyers specialising in administrative, environmental and town planning law. They offer their representation and legal consultancy services to both the private and public sector.

LegalStrengths has file management applications designed specifically for each of our clients, according to their needs. Thanks to these applications, we can automate most transactions and obtain the volume of files required, while always ensuring the public administration legal action principle, and providing a fast, completely personalised response to any needs that may arise. Also, we have tools for controlling processed files.

Thanks to the combined work of the legal and technical teams, we can guarantee the most appropriate legal consultancy, through the LegalStrengths three main lines of activity: