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Control and Measurement

We measure, control and assess aspects related to sound and vibrations, in either environmental, construction or industrial projects.

- Inspection, measurement and acoustic assessment: We take acoustic and vibration-based measurements in situ, and then assess the results according to activities, infrastructures and industrial establishments. We also assess compliance with the current legislation applicable to any activity, and conduct specific sound insulation and interference assays. We also offer to control and follow-up sound issues on work projects and equipment.


- Aerial, impact and architectural acoustic insulation: We prepare studies and certificates on acoustic insulation vis-à-vis aerial and impact noise. We also prepare reverberation time measurements and prepare studies, projects and implementation control systems to comply with the Technical Building Code.


- Ambient acoustic auditing: We control acoustic emissions from classified activities and industrial sites, we design acoustic barriers and screens and prepare acoustic studies associated with infrastructure, energy and town planning projects.


- Acoustic and sound impact maps: We draw up strategic and capacity-based sound maps, we prepare pre-operational and post-operational acoustic cartographs, we make sound level measurements, predictions and simulations, and we conduct assessment and solution implementation studies in acoustically conflictive areas, and we prepare specific plans of action.