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Acoustics Consultancy

In the field of acoustics consultancy, we have experience in diagnosing problems related to sound and vibrations, managing problematic acoustic situations and also in designing preventive and corrective measures. These services are aimed both at activities, industries, infrastructures and administrations and public entities.

- Projects for controlling and reducing sound: We perform a diagnosis of the acoustic situation, develop engineering projects to improve acoustic comfort, and also propose measures for complying with current legislation.


- Industrial and equipment soundproofing: We offer a complete acoustic service for reducing sound levels, developing projects to improve acoustic insulation and designing acoustic closures and corrective measures to reduce the sound emission from any sound source.


- Conditioning and acoustic quality: We calculate and implement solutions for indoor acoustic quality, we prepare acoustic simulations of the inside of premises, we develop the acoustic conditioning of auditoria, theatres and recording studios, as well as soundproofing for arenas, and we also write technical projects on acoustic suitability.